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Custom personal website, weekly blog post, daily social media posts
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We focus on attracting
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Elite Team Solutions delivers LEADS through a custom website, daily Social Engagement, Email Marketing campaigns and creating powerful SEO through Blogging on your site once a week. All DONE FOR YOU!
This allows you to do what you do best...SELL REAL ESTATE.

Packages Start at $298/monthly

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We know that most agents are afraid and or don't understand how or what to blog about. No worries! We take care of this for you. We will post a blog once a week on your custom website. We will then share it across multiple social networks including your own Facebook page. This drive awareness of your brand and builds STRONG SEO.

All-In-One and All Done For You $298/monthly

Packages start at $298/monthly and include a personal/team-branded custom website, daily posts to Facebook, a weekly blog article posted to your website and shared on social media, and a monthly newsletter handcrafted and hyper-local to your market. We do all the work and you enjoy all the rewards. MORE LEADS
At Elite Team Solutions it's our job to drive consumers back to your website and attract engagement through social media. Telling your story is what we do best. Ask about customizing your social plan and including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We can customize a plan for any budget.

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Your personal/team branded website is custom designed to showcase like a listing presentation. Gone are the days of home search front and centered. The consumer visits your website for one reason. To Learn About You and your Team! We put you front and center. Capture your story and convey your value proposition through each and every page. Yes each site includes IDX and home searching is there. We focus on hyper local communities, your personal brand and the "Why Choose You". Take a peek at our sites.

 Let's Get Social

Social media is a must for every agent. It is the strongest and most effective way to enage new prospects. 100 million people spend more than an 90 minutes a day on Facebook alone. With the key demographic being 35 to 65 year olds it is right inline with who you should be targeting. Our daily posts are lifestyle driven. Not real estate sales pitches. The focus here is on the Home, Health and Wealth. Posts guaranteed to Grow Your Sphere. Learn more about our daily social


You may be surprised to hear this but eMail Marketing out of all the digital marketing strategies available give you the highest return on your investment. Email in general, is a crititcal componet of real estate marketing strategies. Newsletters, though are a particular type of email that allows agents to entertain, educate, and most importantly - Connect With Thier Core Audience. Our newsletters are like "Sunset Magazines", packed with lifestyle articels with a hyper local focus on events, heappenings and things to do in your community. Learn more about our newsletters


Want to be ranked on Google's first page when a consumer searches for real estate related information in your community? Then you have to blog. Or pay for it. We have found that what sperates our marketing from all others is our blogging. We post a blog articel to your website each week. The posts are far from lifestyle. They are very targeted to the real estate industry and give your website the weight it needs for search engines like Google to fall in love with your weekly fresh content. We Do It For You! Learn more about our blog posts. 

Take the hassle and worries out of your daily grind with our All-In-One marketing solution. As an Elite Social Member your business will thrive on auto control while you remain front and center with your sphere. Doing what you do best


  • Content

    Improve the design and content of your social media profiles
  • Engagement

    Promote engagement within the online community
  • Sphere

    Gain more followers on all your social media profiles
  • Traffic

    Drive more consumers to your business and generate more sales
  • Awareness

    Create awareness about you your team, and your services
  • Feedback

    Provide an online venue for feedback
  • Build

    Gain more newsletter subscribers
  • Grow

    Deliver Leads and Grow Your Business

Our Elite Social package is designed to complement your print and personal commuity marketing efforts, with the ultimate goal of getting more people to visit your site and convert those visitors into customers.

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