It's About You YOUR BRAND Your Style

What’s one of the first things clients see of you before they even speak to you? Your Logo. Your logo is that one thing people notice about you. Although that might be something you haven’t focused on improving, it can make or break you. That’s because logos are not just mere decorations, they’re statements that build the first impression. Your logo is your brand’s visual cornerstone. That’s why we, at Elite Team Solutions, are committed to helping YOU stand out by creating handcrafted logos with a unique personal touch.

Real Estate Branding Defines Who You Are

Branding can be one of the hardest things to get right in your real estate business.

You have tons of competition and it can seem like every real estate angle has already been tried. Plus, branding can sometimes seem like pandoras box. Once you start looking at your branding, it’s hard to see what makes your business and real estate logo unique.

Competitors all start to look the same and you start to not recognize the differences that exist. (Or can exist). The biggest challenge when defining your real estate branding strategy is finding one that is unique and pervasive. In other words, it’s hard to clearly articulate what your real estate branding identify is before it exists. This aspect of your business has to be crafted carefully.

+Custom Branded Solutions $99

Packages start at $99 for a fully custom name branded logo for you or your team. We can also include a business card design, letterhead, social headers, icon and just about anything else you want your logo used with.
At The Elite Team Agency it's our job to drive consumers back to you and attract engagement through all things marketing. Telling your story is what we do best. Ask us about customizing a full marketing suite including, a website, social plan, blogging, newsletters, property promotion, listing, buyer, and, personal promotional books for the team. Think of us as your Ultimate Marketing Assistant We can customize a plan for any budget.

Ready To Start? Let's Do This

Get Started

Satisfaction Guaranteed! We promise you'll love your new brand or will do it again, and again until you do. It's a very simple process. You share with us what you like. If you have a slogan great! If not, we can work together to create one unique to you. It all happens within days.


  • Tell Us What You Want

    We'll go to work on a design and concept right away. We'll have proofs for you to look at within 24 hours
  • Choose Your Colors

    A big part of your new brand will be color or lack of. Some like grayscale and or black & white. We'll work together to confirm just the right color scheme.
  • Share Your Story

    Every branded logo begins with a story. Where you work, play and what you want your brand to convey.
  • Individual Or Team

    Will we be building a team-branded design or one just for you. Perhaps both?
  • Finalizing The Design

    Once you are 100% satisfied with your new brand we will assist with getting all the file you need to start using it.
  • Extending Your Brand

    Business cards, personal brochures, listing presentations, website placement, social covers, profile, etc. All need your brand. We can help you get there.
  • Tell A Friend

    Our business just like yours is built on 100's of referrals. We count on you to share the love and tell everyone you know how awesome your experience was.

The fisrt step to being great is showing everyone how great you are. It all starts with your brand.

Your Personal Brand

  • Helps clients quickly identify and remember you

  • Adds a personal touch to your brand -- a clever way to show your personality

  • Draws attention to you and helps you stand out amongst others in your industry

  • Communicates a more ‘premium’ feel to your name

  • Most of all -- create a sense of trust with your customers