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October 5, 2020
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November 2, 2020

COVID has changed our marketing. From adding more photos, video tours, walkthroughs, and virtual open houses. Honestly the single most important part of your marketing plan should be the property description. The story if you will. We’ve hared on photos in the past. You know the one’s real estate agents take with their fancy smart cell phones from inside their car, or inside with toilet seats up, dark rooms where you can barely make out the contents… You know these agents right. Every day we see them in our MLS’s on Zillow and other property listing sites and as REALTOR’s you frown and are saddened that these “Agents” represent the worst part of our industry. It’s the biggest reason we continue to lose your commission dollar. You must establish value!

When it comes to the property description we often see similar results. Boring words that really do not offer any insight to what a buyer might expect when looking at the property. Take the example below.

“Fantastic Victorian Style Farm House, Stocked Bass Pond, 40′ X 80′ Shop with 3 roll up doors, 28′ X 42′ Barn & Equipment Storage Building all on 20+/- acres, surrounded by Almond Orchards on north and west, planting on the south parcel is planned in the coming year. Approximately 12 acres of open land, with income opportunities.”

Does this description make you jump out of your seat and want to schedule a showing, does it even offer you an insight into what is being offered for sale? I see some basic stuff here but nothing that conveys what the property really encompasses. And yes the photos that went along with this listing have been taken with their phone. This is a $2.7 million dollar listing description offering a 2.5% commission which means the seller is paying $135,000 to have their home marketed. Things that make you go hmmmmm!

We recently came across a great article on “What Do Real Estate Agents Really Do Anymore?” Real estate agents would take head to this opinion and reexamine your business model. Are you bringing real value to the partnership?

Often once the consumer looks at the first couple of pictures they begin to read what you have written about the property. Here’s is your first chance to really separate yourself from the pack and make a big impression on the neighbors who will all find the hoe online and read what you wrote about the property. Go beyond what they already know. It drives me crazy to look at a listing and see the heading 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 3,371 sq. ft. followed by the description that starts with “This amazing 4 bedrooms, 4 bath home has 3,371 sq. ft.” Do you see the issue? Why is this repeated? Take this nonsense out of your descriptions. The consumer knows how many beds and baths are in the home. It always says it right in the main heading. It’s the reason they chose to look at your home in the first place.

I am simply stating the obvious. When we describe the property the first step in making a great impact is rule #1. Less is more…

RULE One: Get rid of cheap words

Great writing is short and to the point. It doesn’t use any words that are unnecessary. Writing that plays on emotion uses powerful words that paint pictures in your readers’ minds.

Start by looking at your properties description. Do you see any instances of what we deem our “no-no words”—words like greatbestmost, or awesome? Cut them out.

There’s a better way to get your point across. Using hyperbolic language doesn’t land you any guests, nor does using generic language that means nothing. Backing up your claim does.

Here’s what we mean: your property might boast the best view in town, but it’s the job of your listing description (along with your photos) to prove it. Instead of touting your “awesome view,” tell your guests what exactly they can expect to see. Does the window in your bedroom offer a top-story glimpse at the twinkling skyline at night? Can you see the sunrise over the ocean from your front porch?

RULE TWO: Start with a story

Every home has a story and it’s your job to tell it. Ask questions like what drew you to this home when you decided to buy it, what do you enjoy most about your home, ask the kids, ask the neighbors what they love about the neighborhood, why is this home near the best school? what makes it the best school? What would future homeowners do while living in the home, how would they ideally use it? This has changed significantly in the last 6 months as more people work and school from home. Our homes are used more different today than ever. By asking questions you can start to piece together a story. Here is a great example of storytelling.

Do you see what a difference a story makes? To learn more about how to write the very best descriptions I have listed a few resources you can read through and gain tremendous insight to the structure, to do’s and not to do’s to Creative Real Estate Listing Descriptions

  1. How to Write Inspiring Real Estate Listing Descriptions
  2. Writing Real Estate Listing Copy that Sells
  3. Property Descriptions 101: How to Write Listing Descriptions That Sell

Sample Two:

In both cases above you are excited to see the property, you want more and you can envision what it would be like… This is at the heart of storytelling.

For the ELITE

We partner with ELITE agents all over the country and we find that the one common trait they all have is understanding that leveraging one’s time frees up your ability to earn more and perform better.

“Don’t major in minors. Spend major time on major activities. Those things that matter the least should not get in the way of those things that matter the most.” Darren Hardy

When you sit down and decide to write out your description how much are you paying yourself? Ask this question… If you earn $250,000 a year (All of our clients ear more than this amount) This equates to $125/hour. How long does it take you to prepare and write an effective creative story for a property? This is what it costs you. Now think about what your highest and best use of time is. Are you the best copy writer or could this task be hired out. Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere.

We hire photographers, videographers, printers, stagers, landscapers, cleaners, etc. But why are you not hiring copywriters? They are reactively inexpensive in today’s virtual world. With sites like Fivr.com , UpWork.com, ContentFly.com, and Scripted.comThere is no need for you to stress and take hours from your day to sit and create a story. Instead send your brief outline, notes, and short paragraph or two and let a professional make it pop! Just remember you get what you pay for so while places like Fivr.com offer great resources and a tremendous amount of talented artist and writers do your research and make sure you get a well-balanced artist/writer that speaks and understand English as a primary language. You won’t find this for $5, $10, or even $25 dollars. Most likely you’ll have to spend at least $50 to $150 for the right creative story.

This is a real example of an agents’ attempt at hiring out a virtual copy wirter for a property listing for $1.6 million. The agent spent $15 for this service.

A menage dream family house of 1999 is welcoming you and your guest to celebrate in it. Flaunt your luxury life with the super stunning design of the house. Your dream shack has 4 furnished bedrooms for you to relax and also a chophouse where you can enjoy your dine and gossips. The mansion provides you with 2 parking and lots of extra space because more space more the memories. The cathedral ceiling is the most appealing feature of the house. The treehouse adds delicacy to the newly painted interior and exteriors of the house. The accommodation price has grown outstandingly in the area recently. And the dream house awaits for its patron.  

Second one….

Get in touch to know more A beautiful house for a single family near California Park. Built in 1999, the house has a newly paved driveway to welcome you and your guests on each event. The stunning house is equipped with all the luxuries you need to live a quality life. The 4 furnished bedrooms will bring you all the comfort, it also has a dining area where you can enjoy the meals with your family and friends while gossiping about the current times. With its much extra space and 2 parking areas, you’d always have the room to make more and more memories. This well-built house has eye-catchy cathedral ceilings in most parts. Recent upgrades and the newly painted interior, exterior, and even the treehouse has added more to its beauty. Home values have been rising in this area at an outstanding rate during recent times. This house is a dream home for many. But it can be yours today. 

What a great laugh right… At least she received two attempts. BUT OMG! Really?

The point we make is that it is time to start putting our value into marketing. Start with a storry and tell it to everyone you can through social channels, print, websites, MLS etc. Taking a small step like this in the right direction will ensure your success for the future.

As always we welcome your feedback and what you to feel free to explore our many agent marketing packages. We know you are not a marketing professional. this doesn’t mean you can’t be a marketing genius. Hire us and see for yourself. We do it all for you.

Elite Partner Solutions is a small high income-producing marketing machine. Our goal is to make you look like a rockstar. We power marketing for some of the most successful agents in the country including teams. We would love to earn your business.

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