Small Business Tech Trends to Watch for in 2021
Small Business Tech Trends to Watch for in 2021
May 18, 2021
Seller Lead Email Example
Seller Lead CMA Email Example
June 11, 2021

Let’s face it buyers are a huge challenge right now. We’ve been turning buyer leads out in the hundreds for years. Each week we’ve been converting buyer leads to client’s. Then about a month ago our agents started sending replies back from their assigned lead email telling us they could not accept any more buyer leads if the buyers are not cash, or have cash reserves to cover the appraisal deficit. You get where I am going with this right? The saddest part of the real estate market right now is it is super challenging for a buyer who is fully qualified, has their 3% to 10% down saved and is ready to pull the trigger only to be denied over and over again because they are getting out bid.

Who Wants Seller Leads?

I want to share with you a few ways you can curate, manage and convert seller leads. These are proven systems and lead sources that deliver quality leads. Let’s remember first and foremost a lead is nothing more than a name, email and potentially a phone number. It’s your job (or ours) to take the information and convert, convert convert!

Curating Leads

There are many ways to curate seller leads. Let’s start with the FREE way. Open your CRM (Don’t have a CRM. Try LionDesk They offer a FREE 30 day trial and it is truly the best and most cost effective CRM on the market. one of the best features is their ability to text directly to your database which as you keep reading you will learn is an absolute amazing way to find sellers.) A CRM is only as good as the user who operates it. Carving out 30 minutes to an hour a day to data mine is a proven factual way Top Producers stay on top. Building in systems and campaigns that match your specific goals for each client is the secret sauce. Simply adding a potential client to a static boring 12 week seller campaign will not convert leads for you. You will need to customize your campaigns to be as specific to the target seller as possible. More on this below.


I read a book called the Conversion Code by Chris Smith. One of the most powerful techniques he taught me was this very simple trick with curating seller leads. It was so simple and every-time I employ this trick I get seller leads and often an actual listing. Here’s the trick.

Every CRM is full of dead, dying and or lost leads. Most of you are guilty of the biggest problem with converting leads. You give up. Sure you call them within a couple minutes, yes you then text them, and if you are really good you email them. But then when you get no response (which by the way is more than 90% of time) you give up and they sit there dormant for weeks, months and even years. We often take on new clients and one of the first things we do is dive into their database and discover opportunity. We can almost guarantee you’ll get a new listing from this one little trick because of this lone fact that your database has been given little to no attention over the years.

The Little Trick

Here’s all you do. Go to your Liondesk or any other CRM and do the following. Send every dead, dormant and or lost seller lead the following text (Preferred) or email. This is very important that you follow this scripting exactly as I lay it out. In the Subject Line type this “Quick Question”, the in the body of the text/email write the following.

Hello {insert First Name}, Do you still plan to sell your property this year?

That’s it! Do not text or write anything else. Do not follow this up with a “if so, please let me know how I can, or I would love to be your agent, or because the market is really hot right now and I have buyers blah, blah, blah…” Stop and just push send. If you are using LionDesk you can do this in one simple text to your entire seller lead category. It takes less than 1 minute. You choose the lead category, click text message, input the text and click send and each text is customized with the {first Name} of each recipient. All done for you.

Sit Back and Collect Leads

Now all you have to do is wait patiently for the few replies that say “YES”. Believe it or not a “No” is a good answer as well. Because it lets you know they are listening to you and they took time to provide you with an update. Pretty easy right? If you don’t have categories and or old seller leads, you can still do this little trick to your entire database. Just use the following text in the body instead.

“Hello {insert First Name}, Do you still plan to buy or sell your property this year?

This little change makes it perfect to dig into your database and find business. If you are not using a CRM you can always sit on the couch, watch the Lakers win another championship while you manually open your contacts in your phone and start texting. A quick tip is to cut and paste the body so your not retyping it over and over again.

Managing The Lead

As stated above the biggest mistake agents make in attempting to convert leads is giving up. Never ever give up. In fact I am going to give you a simple but very effective way to managing a seller lead from the moment you get it and the steps necessary to turn the lead into a conversion.

Step One: Call them immediately

From the moment you get the lead it is imperative you call. Do not wait until you have done some research on their home, do not wait till you are in front of a computer, do not wait until you are done with whatever task you are in the middle of. Stop everything you are doing, do not pass go and start dialing… Call them and if they pick up start the conversation with a simple script like this.

“Hello, {insert lead name}, My name is {insert your name} and I am responding to your request for information about selling your home, or your request about the value of your home etc. Ask how you can help, dig in and get as much information as you can. Why are they interested in selling, what is their plan, how long have they lived there, what is your home worth, what do you owe on the home, tell me about the neighborhood. Yes, you can get all this information with out speaking to them but by asking all these questions you are building rapport. This is key to converting them into a listing.”

Step Two: Call them again

If no answer hang up and try again in 5 minutes. This time leave a message when they do not answer and say the following.

Hello {insert lead name} this is {insert your name}, I just wanted to reach out again incase you where busy and had a few minutes now. I am responding to your inquiry about selling your home. I will try texting you in hopes we can be of assistance. Thank you”

Research shows consumers will most likely pick up (answer) on the second call. You are 70% more likely to get them on the phone by calling twice.

Step Three: Text them

Hang up and immediately send them a text message with the following text

“Hello {insert lead name} this is {insert your name}, I just called and wanted to make sure you know I am doing everything I can to reach out and assist with your request for a home valuation. Please let me know how we can further assist. You can text me here. I will be sending an email with some important information about your homes value and our unique selling proposition

Step Four: Email them

Now send them an email. In the email address their question, and include a CMA. I like to use Cloud CMA because they provide a online version that you can link to your email as well as a PDF print version you can include. They also have many other really cool tools like Homebeat which is great for keeping the sellers informed 24/7 of their homes value and neighboring values. It alerts them of changes in the market and sends monthly reports all automated.

I also will include things like a marketing overview, which is our marketing plan and how we plan to market, advertise and sell homes. I also will include a Powerpoint link to watch our listing presentation. I will include a link to my website so they can see actual examples of our work. Below is an example email we send when we get a seller lead.

Hello Anna,

I am following up on an online request we received when you responded to our “Get a Cash Offer” advertisement for 1814 Grant Street, Calistoga, CA. The AVM* is $915,000 and our Estimated Cash Offer (ECO)** is $640,500. (AVM stands for Automated Valuation Metrics)

This basically represents roughly 70% of what we believe the current market value is. It is what our cash investors would be willing to pay. This does not, however, represent what we believe we can sell the home for. Please continue…

You have a great home in a very desirable area of Calistoga. Without seeing the home and or knowing if there are any upgrades etc. I would think you could expect between $850,000 and as much as $925,000 if we marketed and sold the property. This could very well include an all cash offer. There simply is not a better time to sell and beat what might be looming as a market correction both with the potential of the economy falling apart and or if more sellers start selling prices will go down. I believe we have truly peaked in values. 

If you are interested in selling please give me the opportunity to interview for the job. I think you will find our Marketing is top notch and generates lots of interest. We have a network of over 130,000 agents worldwide and our advertising reaches all of the Bay Area. In the last 12 months we have sold over 250 homes. We can sell yours. Learn more about us here.

Scroll down to see a full valuation report for your home. ⬇️

Screenshot from email. Notice how my contact information is in the middel of the report and not at the end.

You can see from the report above 1706 Reynard Lane is for sale with no offers at $929,500. This is very similar to your home and represents a direct competitor in value. 1624 N. Oak Street is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1,202 sq. ft. (much smaller than yours) and is pending at $645,000. This will close higher and is under value. The home does need a new kitchen. You can see this entire CMA report live online here We would of course want to take a tour of your home to assess a more accurate value and a strong selling strategy. 

What Zillow Says…

Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 8.16.10 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-05-12 at 8.16.06 AM.png

Download Entire Comparative Market Analysis here
Call me with any questions and or if you are ready to get started with the selling process. I hope this helps. If you wish to pursue a cash offer let us know and we will schedule one of our investors to come see the property and make an offer. If you prefer to sell with us on the open market (or off market private sale) for maximum money please call/text or email me back

Kind regards,

As you can see I am pretty thorough with regards to presenting the opportunity to interview us for the job. (Yes I know I left all the consumer information in there so you could all go pounce on this lead and try and get Grant Street on the market. LOL) I always include a snapshot of the comparative properties in the CMA report and I always include what Zillow says. (It’s real important that you never try and argue why Zillow is wrong. Especially if Zillow thinks the home is worth more. I know dozens of agents who never got in the door because they used their email platform to attempt to educate the seller on why their home was worth less than Zillow said only to see the home come on the MLS listed by a competing broker who was smart enough to wait until they got in th door to have this conversation. Always make sure your value is inline with what Zillow says or that your value is greater if warranted. You just want to get in the door)

Converting To Listings

The key to conversion is a system of follow up. This again, is why a CRM is so important. With a CRM you can schedule tasks that remind you to follow up. Below is my step by step guide to lead to conversion with LionDesk

1). Add them as a lead

2. Tag them as a seller

3). Add them to the seller category

4). Send them your first welcome email as outlined above (Send all communications from the CRM. (This way you can track engagement)

5). Customize a seller lead campaign just for them. LionDesk lets you design complete customized campaigns with your words, and information to make it local and hyper focused. You can design a campaign with text messages, email messages and even direct phone calls. You can create and send video campaigns (just like Bomb Bomb). Do not skip this step and do not assign a generic “seller campaign” The customization is probably the most important step because your engagement goes through the roof if you tailor something specific to them and not a generic campaign

6). Send them Manual weekly neighborhood updates. A quick email or text with a link about whatever has happened in their neighborhood this week. Did a new home come on the market, did something close, price drops, upcoming open house etc. By doing this you will gain so much trust that when it comes time to actually sell they would be afraid to use anyon but you because they know you’ll see it happen as you are so on top of their neighborhood. By the way, this is what it means to be a neighborhood specialist.

7). Check in with a phone call. Do this as often as necessary given the sellers defined timeline. If they have indicated they are months away from potentially selling then a phone call once a month is good. If on the other hand you have met with them and they are close to selling but they have not yet called you back, stay on them and call weekly with a simple check in.

8). Mail them a monthly neighborhood market report. This may sound like over-kill but demonstrating this aggressive behavior will win you the listing. Consumers want agents who work hard and put their work out there. This extra step shows them you will work hard to ensure their home sells.

9). Find a buyer for their home even if it’s not yet for sale. I remember a long time ago how I got burned out of a listing that was all but mine. I did everything above and the sellers told me “You are our guy” The problem was it was January and they intended on selling in September when their new home would be completely built and ready for them to move in.

I still grind my teeth hard when I think about this big mistake I made that literally changed the way I approach delayed listings forever. You see the seller interviewed other agents at the time and even though they assured me I was their guy the other agent was smarter than me. they went and found a buyer.

During open houses in the neighborhood another local agent the sellers had interviewed brought a buyer to them willing to rent back as long as they needed to facilitate their move. The deal was between two agents. While another agent was touring his open house with her buyers he told the agent about a potential listing that might be available and asked if the buyers would be interested. The rest is history and what I learned was always look for the buyer and make sure you present any opportunities to the sellers who may decide to sell if given the opportunity.

Mine For Opportunity

Remember it all starts with mining your database. You can buy seller leads and follow the same outline process for conversion but for us budget conscious agents start with your own database and put systems in place to stay in touch, reach out and convert!