By clicking the submit button you authorize Smarket LLC DBA to charge your credit card the charges you checked and requested above. Refunds can only be granted in the first 10 days. No monthly contracts and you can cancel anytime. Your first months emails are free. We bill in advance. (Example: If you sign up in March then April will be a free month. We will bill you at the end of April for May services charges. Billing usually occurs between the 25th and 31st of the month. Declined payments are considered canceled and notification will be sent to update your credit card information. 

If you choose the pay in advance option please note your credit will be charged for (1) full year of services  with the options chosen above. This is 14 months of service for the price of twelve. With your first month being free you will not be billed again for 15 months from the first month you sign up. 

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