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Getting Started With Facebook Lead Ads

Lead ads can make it easy for people to connect with your business. Remember when you used to call the local paper and place an ad for all your new listings, an open house ad (When we could do open houses). You placed your ad and waited for the phone to ring. Then the internet came along and the local paper has been gone for a very long time. The only people looking at the real estate section in the newspaper are other real estate agents and the occasional seller who insists their home be featured. The phone stopped ringing and we shifted to a new way of doing business. ONLINE

We've gone from Texting Codes, to QR Codes to property domain addresses and everything in between. Then Facebook came along and we all go addicted. Facebook has changed everything about the way we interact with each other. Gone are the days of simply sharing what you had for dinner and that amazing sunset picture. Now our Facebook feeds are filled with new listings, just sold, in contract, and tons of praise for all we do and how happy our clients are about our work... At least that's how we see it.

Let me ask you a question. Have any of you ever gotten a call from a prospective client saying, "Hey bill, just saw that awesome home you sold on Facebook can you find me one just like it?" Yea, I didn't think so. It's kind of funny because when I talk with agents about advertising on Facebook they all say, I never get any results from my "Boosted" posts. I always tell them it's because you are doing it all wrong.

Getting It Right

Early last year Facebook introduced a new way to generate leads for your business. It's really very simple and it proves that people are still out there looking for homes and do indeed respond to the right ad. I am specifically talking about "New Listing" and or "Coming Soon" ads. Ad designed to promote listings and attract buyers. Lead for pennies on the dollar.

Yes Facebook is the most affordable advertising with the biggest return on your investment. What I am about to share with you will not cost you more than $300 for a 30 days campaign and will generate 200 to 300+ leads with actual names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Real buyers, you can call and put into your funnel. These are leads just like Zillow,, or any other source you are paying thousands for. The beautiful part is Facebook does all the work for you. Creating the ad is the only part you need to do (or have us do it for you.)
Lead ads allow you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. You can create leads ads from your Facebook Page or from Ads Manager. When creating lead ads from a Facebook Page, you can use the Publishing Tools option for full functionality, or the Promote Button with limited functionality. Using the Promote Button requires fewer steps.

Before you begin Before you begin creating your lead ad, we advise having your legal team review the questions you plan to ask on your form, as well as review the Lead Ads Terms and Advertising Policies. You’ll also need the URL for your organization’s privacy policy to include in your form.

How to create a Facebook lead ad in 10 steps Here’s how to set up Facebook lead generation ads, step by step.

1. Go to Ads Manager.

2. In Ads Manager click Create in the top left corner.

3. Choose Lead generation as your objective and name your campaign.

Because you plan to advertise a home in the "Housing" segment on Facebook they have strict rules you have to follow and the first rule is selecting Housing" in their Special Ad Categories You're required to declare if your ads are related to credit, employment, housing, social issues, elections, or politics. Learn More

One of the great things about Facebook lead ads is that they minimize the amount of friction with your audience. If you send people offsite (off of Facebook) to, say, the third-party landing page software you use, that page may take 3–10 seconds to load. When you create a Facebook lead form, it’s an instant experience, and Facebook pre-populates the form with the information from that user’s Facebook profile, allowing you to capture a lead in 5–10 seconds.

4. Choose the Page you plan to use for the lead ad. Click View Terms and then agree to the Facebook Lead Ads terms and conditions after you’ve read them.

5. Choose your target audience, placements, budget, and schedule. Note:

6. Select your lead ad formats. You can select a carousel, single image, video, or slideshow.

7. Add your headline, body copy, and a call to action. A window on the right offers a preview of your ad as you create it.

8. Scroll down and click Contact Form. Here you can add a form title, add an intro, questions, your company’s privacy policy, and a thank you screen.

  • Intro: Use this section to clearly explain why people should fill out your form.
  • Custom questions: There are two types of questions you can choose: Standard questions (ie. gender, job title) and custom questions. Ask custom questions that pertain to you business, for example: “When are you looking to buy a new car?” Up to 15 questions can be included. Some governments bar advertisers from requesting certain information,
  • Form type: Under Form Type you can select: More volume or higher intent. Choose more volume if your campaign goal is to get the form completed by as many people as possible. Selecting higher intent adds a step to your form that allows people to review and confirm their info before they hit submit. This is a good option if your objective is to seal a deal.
  • Privacy policy: Facebook lead ads require a link to your company’s privacy policy. Make sure you have a page on your business website.
  • Thank you screen: This screen will appear after the form is submitted. You can also include a call-to-action or download link here.

Target Your Audience

Interest Targeting To Narrow Your Audience

If you are in a small population,  in some cases you may choose to use no-interest targeting at all and just let the Facebook algorithm do its thing. If your market is in a large population you may choose to layer your interest targeting to give you a more narrowed audience.

There are 3 main categories to use when using interest targeting, Real Estate Portals interests, Home Buyer interests, and Mortgages/Loans interests.


This is the beauty of Facebook and target audiences. Using the above target segmentation will yield a buyer who has been searching on primary real estate ssearc=h sites, looking to get get a home loan, and expressed interest in actually buying. The trick is to watch your audience size. You want to have enough numbers to generate a large response rate thus getting a strong return on your investment. Too small of an audience and your ad results will be too small. 

Creating The Right Ad


The first step is to find 6-8 Images to use for your ad.

For a Hot List Ad the images can be of the front of houses, aerial photographs of houses or neighborhoods, amenities in a neighborhood, iconic places in your market. Just find 6-8 images that represent the types of homes in your market, i.e. if your market is central Florida then your houses should look like houses in your market not houses from the midwest. A good option here is to find houses that were recently sold and are no longer on the market in a town 30 miles or more away from your market.

For a New Listing, Coming Soon, or Open House Ad you simply use 6-8 images from that specific property, using both exterior and interior photos.

Facebook recommends using photos larger than 1280 X 720 and then resize them down, don’t find smaller images and try to resize them up because you lose picture quality.

The point behind using 6 to 8 photos and ads is to A/B testing. This does not mean you select the A/B option but here's our strategy and it works every time. If you look at the 6 ads to the left which of these ads do you like best. Which one is most attractive to you? You might think it's different for everyone and it is to a small degree but for the most part, one will emerge as the one most are attracted to. When you run 6 to 8 ads all at one time with the same target audience and same spending dollar $10.00 a day you do this for 5-7 days. You spend a lot upfront to quickly get the results you are looking for. 

Measure Your Results and Take Action

When we run a quick test on the ads and look at their performance you can see pretty quickly which ad returns the greatest inventment on your dollar. In this case, it is ad (5). In the first7 days, this ad got 96 engagements for $.078 each. The second closest was ad 3 which was costing only $.93 cents per click but only returned 18 results in the same period. We can now use this data to determine that the best approach here is to pull all our effort into ad 5 and spend our $10.00 a day and wait for the leads to roll in. This ad will net out 384 engagements in a 30 day period at $10.00 a day (Total spend $300). These are amazing results and are real. 

Getting Leads