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November 9, 2020
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How to Build a Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan

simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this hot market.

It’s not all about tactics. You need to have a solid plan.

  • WHO are we marketing to?
  • WHERE do they hang out online?
  • WHAT message do we use to capture leads?
  • HOW do we close them?

Set up a simple framework that will drive the entire marketing plan.

Set clear goals

Identify which objectives you’ll work to achieve. Create a plan and understand what types of habits you might need to grow into.

Will you measure the number of sales per month? How many new leads generated each month? Ask yourself which marketing strategy will help you accomplish each goal.

Use activity goals, too. For example, hone in on a specific number of calls to make each day. You’ll experience ups and downs when marketing your real estate business. Measuring activity helps ensure that you’ll continue working hard when results haven’t shown themselves yet.

Identify your target customer

Marketing always works best when its messaging is focused on a specific segment of your overall market. For example, your marketing will need to speak one way to investors and an entirely different way if your target customers are first time home buyers.

Establish your unique selling proposition

Figuring out your unique selling proposition (USP) identifies how to set yourself apart from other real estate agents.

Ask yourself what makes you unique. What do you bring to the table that they don’t?

  • Is it your experience?
  • Your personality?
  • Your knowledge of the area?
  • Or something else?

How does your USP provide value to your customers and encourage them to work with you?

Choose marketing channels to reach the audience

Decide which marketing channels to use. It’s impossible to find the time to use every social media platform available and optimize each channel effectively. Choose where your time will be used best.

Will you use a website? Will you blog often? Will you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other social media option? Select the marketing channels that make the most sense based on your personality and other skill-sets.

Define a lead nurturing strategy

75% of leads are not ready to buy.

Warm-up email leads by periodically sending them information that builds trust and reveals your expertise. Send out new blog posts to your newsletter list. Provide your subscribers with neighborhood updates, real estate market trends, how-to videos, information about how to qualify for a loan, walk-through videos of your latest listings, etc.

Select tools to implement the plan

Make a list of the tools needed to put your real estate marketing plan into action. Determine your email service provider, project management software, event software, website creation software, and other brand-building tools. Watch our entire series on Facebook Advertising here)

Measure performance

Define precise metrics to measure achievement. Use goals that easily tell you whether you’ve hit the mark within specific timeframes.

Don’t write, “I will increase my lead flow”.

Instead, create a goal that says, “I will generate 100 new email subscribers in the month of June.” You will know for sure at the end of the month whether 100 new leads were generated or not.

Ready. Set. Market.

As you can see, there are many ways to market your real estate business.

Take your time to identify which strategies make the most sense for you and then create your foundation. Start with the steps that build off of assets you already have in place. For example, if you have a large Facebook following already, look for tips above that help you maximize that audience.

Then, move into other areas that logically build your web presence larger. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. The key is to plan out the long-term strategy and then start implementing that plan step-by-step each week.

Finally, make sure all of your real estate strategies revolve around your website. Your website is your “home” on the Internet. It’s the place where most lead flow and business will come from.

Build your brand. Grow your traffic. Enjoy a steady increase in revenue from your real estate business. Download our FREE 2021 Marketing Plan

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