Still Think SOCIAL MEDIA Is A Fad?

People Are Using It Everyday To:
Share Photos With Family & Friends, Keep up On Current Events, Stay In Touch With Friends,
Promote Their Business, Search For Business, Connect With Customers


Our social media packages are meant to keep your fans and followers engaged. We will help you setup your social media profiles or improve the existing ones you have. To keep your audience up-to-date with your latest offerings, promos and events, we can help you with daily or weekly social media posting listings, sold, pending, reviews and lifestyle content sharing.

+Social Media Marketing $98/monthly

Packages start at $98/monthly and include a daily lifestyle Facebook post. Go crazy and really boost your social sphere with our Premiere services which include unlimited posting of new listings, open house, sold, pending, in contract, reviews and at least one daily lifestyle post to your Facebook Page. We will customize a weekly post strategy
With Elite Partner Solutions it's our job to drive consumers back to your website and attract engagement through social media. Telling your story is what we do best. Ask about customizing your social plan and including Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. We can customize a plan for any budget.

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Facebook is a great way to promote yourself and your listings. Let Listing Solutions help you customize your Facebook Business Page to display Friends, Comments, Likes, Photos, Videos and more! Reach thousands of potential buyers and sellers with "Featured Posts", Facebook Ads, Contests and more. Start expanding your sphere of influence today, while generating powerful links back to your website. Allow us the opportunity to help you place solid marketing strategies in place to spread your message.


Google+ helps you create relationships with industry influencers, who may have a a large following on the network, enabling you to reach a broader audience. Nobody loves Google more than Google! So, from a search engine optimization (SEO) standpoint; there are phenomenal benefits to sharing content on this powerful and constantly growing network. Allow us the opportunity to help you place solid marketing strategies in place to spread your message.


Twitter allows end users to search for Topics or People by keywords, making it easier for you to reach potential home buyers and sellers. Twitter is a great resource in helping you build a large group of Followers and provides you with the ability to reach others who are already looking for your services. Share valuable information and receive real time feedback, while creating powerful back links to your website. Allow us the opportunity to help you place solid marketing strategies in place to spread your message.


YouTube is the Second Largest Search Engine in the World! Believe it or not, videos get preferential treatment in the search engines. We are not sure if it has anything to do with Google owning YouTube, but regardless of why….videos are a great way to share your message and promote your services. Google considers how long your visitors stay on your website when ranking you in their engine. More videos equate to longer visits! Allow us the opportunity to help you create powerful videos that produce results.


LinkedIn is the largest online community for professionals. This social site enables you to connect with friends and colleagues, both past and current, allowing you to grow your online audience. LinkedIn makes it easy to connect to others via invitations to join your Network. Groups allow you the unique opportunity to establish your expertise by answering questions that other members of the Network may have. Allow us the opportunity to help you place solid marketing strategies in place to grow your online audience.

We make sure that the ad groups, landing pages and ad text are well optimized so that the quality scores are high. Call us now to schedule a marketing consultation! 707.580.3499


  • Content

    Improve the design and content of your social media profiles
  • Engagement

    Promote engagement within the online community
  • Sphere

    Gain more followers on all your social media profiles
  • Traffic

    Drive more consumers to your business and generate more sales
  • Awareness

    Create awareness about your company and your services
  • Feedback

    Provide an online venue for feedback
  • Build

    Gain more newsletter subscribers

Our social media packages are also designed to complement your SEO and PPC campaigns, with the ultimate goal of getting more people to visit your site and convert those visitors into customers.

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