Curating, Managing and Converting Seller Leads.
May 24, 2021

I am often asked what steps I take when I secure a potential seller lead. A seller leads is someone who has responded to a social media or Google pay per click ad whereas we ask consumer if they are interested in obtaining a no obligation cash offer for their home. This biggest difference is the shift in wording from the traditional home value lead advertising we use to do. The problem with ads that say, “Curious about your home’s value?” then direct the consumer to a form or even an instant value is that the very phrase “Home Value” has little relevance in today’s Zillow world where a consumer can see instantly their homes value on

This simple change in wording has grown our lead click throughs 100x. It’s the same consumer as before but the word “Cash Offer” is more appealing and is over-all a better call to action. Next time you are planning on running a seller lead campaign try implementing a “Cash Offer” call to action. I think you’ll see the same results we did. Thousands of leads for pennies on the dollar.

Now, I am sure you are saying “What happens when the consumers want to sell for cash”? This is a straightforward lead generation campaign., Both Zillow and OpenDoor are using these technics with great success and stealing away your listing opportunities. You can even partner with these entities, so you have a source to send your lead to if they truly want an all-cash quick sale. You see a cash offer is nothing more than 65% to 70% of the market value, subject to an appraisal, verification, inspections etc. In fact, Zillow’s cash offer program generates thousands of sellers leads for their agent paid programs. These are the same ads I am sharing with you.

Sample Add:

When the consumer clicks the image, they are taken to a landing page that begins to collect their information. Once the information has been collected You simply need to put together a system of reach and follow-up. Most of the leads you get from your ads will not be ready to sell right away, in fact, most will be months down the road. If you have a good follow through system of engagement and resources in the end your conversation rate will be high, and you will enjoy a great return on your investment. Do not put your leads into an automated “Seller Drip” campaign with basic stock text where they get an email from your once a week with things like. “When you get ready to sell, here are a few staging tricks, or how to ready your home for sale etc. These stock-built campaigns will do more harm than good. You need to do a few simple and very effective email templates focused on the lead’s property, their neighborhood, values and activity.

The first thing I do is create a personal CMA email. This email is designed to explain first and foremost what a cash offer is and how we can get them much more. I then walk them through a quick overview of their neighborhood activity which includes recent sales and listings. I use Cloud CMA to produce a nice interactive analysis of their homes value and one in which they can see either via click on the online link or downloading the PDF version. In this email we also put in our marketing plan, a market statistical overview, links to learn more about myself and the partnership. I even include a downloadable PDF version of a personal brochure, a marketing plan. I add screen shots so they can see snippets of the report and I finally I include what Zillow says.

Not only is sharing what Zillow says very important but it’s also important that your values match Zillow’s even if Zillow is wrong. You just want to get in the door and trying to convince a consumer their home is not worth what Zillow says over email communication will never win you the opportunity to go present your listing marketing presentation. Let’s get the door opened and then we can explain why we differ in values.

Below is e real example of a recent email I sent out to such a home seller lead.

Hello Matt,

I am following up on an online request we received when you responded to our “Get a Cash Offer” advertisement. The AVM* is $902,399 and our Estimated Cash Offer (ECO)** is $631,679.

This basically represents roughly 70% of what we believe the current market value is. It is what our cash investors would be willing to pay. This does not, however, represent what we believe we can sell the home for. Please continue…

You have a great home in a very desirable Foothill area of Napa. Without seeing the home and or knowing if there are any upgrades etc. I would think you could expect between $750,000 and as much as $825,000 if we marketed and sold the property. This could very well include an all-cash offer. There simply is not a better time to sell and beat what might be looming as a market correction both with the potential of the economy falling apart and or if more sellers start selling prices will go down. I believe we have truly peaked in values.

If you are interested in selling, please give me the opportunity to interview for the job. I think you will find our Marketing is top notch and generates lots of interest. We have a network of over 130,000 agents worldwide and our advertising reaches all of the Bay Area. In the last 12 months we have sold over 250 homes. We can sell yours. Learn more about us here.

Marketing Brochure

Pre-Listing Presentation

Market Report

Neighborhood Data

*AVM is Automated Valuation Metrics

Scroll down to see a full valuation report for your home. ⬇️

2925 Conifer Court, Napa, CA  – Valuation Report 6/9/2021

You can see from the report above 363 Foster Road Which is currently active for sale for $849,000. This home is a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with 1,836 sq. ft. It is very similar to your property and represents the high-end of values. We also have a Sold property at 136 Cherryview Court. This is a 4 bedroom, 23 bath home with 1,687 sq. ft. with a similar lot size as your home. This closed at $810,000 on March 22nd.  2716 Laurel Street is also available for sale for $750,000. This home is smaller than yours with only 1,554 sq. ft. but does have the same beds and baths. 

We do think we can get you top dollar for you home with our proven marketing. You can see this entire CMA report live online here We would of course want to take a tour of your home to assess a more accurate value and a strong selling strategy. 

What Zillow Says…

At $902,339 I know this is a wide valuation but Napa is very fickle with location, amenities and desirability. We would really need to see the home to assess a selling value. 

Download Entire Comparative Market Analysis here
Call me with any questions and or if you are ready to get started with the selling process. I hope this helps. If you wish to pursue a cash offer let us know and we will schedule one of our investors to come see the property and make an offer. If you prefer to sell with us on the open market (or off market private sale) for maximum money please call/text or email me back

Kind regards,

You can see I also snuck in my signature in the middle of the report so the consumer can connect if they are already convinced they want to meet with me and discuss a selling strategy.

I then add the lead to my CRM, and schedule a weekly task to follow up with a update on any sales activity in their neighborhood. I would simply send them another personal email. This time from the CRM (So we can track when they open and read these emails). I would say something like “Hello Matt, This is Don McDonald with the RE/MAX Elite Partners. I just wanted to check in and give you a quick update on activity in your neighborhood. Over the last week we saw 123 Main Street go pending after being on the market for 11 days and we saw two new listings come up for sale at 124 Main Street and 125 main street.

Hope all is well, do let me know if you have questions or I can be of assistance.

Kind regards,

I do this weekly until they sell or tell me to stop sending emails. Over-all, this is a bit more work than simply putting them into a automated market update which there are dozens of platforms online you could use for this. But I like to be real and I want them to feel like I am already working for them Consumers are very smart and they can tell whether you are sending them automated information or sending a real email. Being real always yields more dividends.

If you follow this simple seller lead generation and follow up plan your business will excel.

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