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February 8, 2021
Small Business Tech Trends to Watch for in 2021
Small Business Tech Trends to Watch for in 2021
May 18, 2021

Tech Tip: SlyDial Is The Best Way To Cold Call

I used to think it was my phone. I kept getting missed voicemails. I seriously thought it was my iphone 7, then the 8 and now the 11. I thought this is crazy, why doesn’t my phone ring before I get voicemails. Turns out it is one of the cleverest marketing tools available. Slydial is a ringless voicemail that allows you to reach a large number of people with a single voicemail without ever “calling” the user’s phone. The best news is that we can personalize the message so that it doesn’t sound like one of those automated A.I. callers, and we can use it in several different ways.

The process involves a few different ways you can reach inboxes without actually waiting for the other person to answer. The most efficient way is uploading the phone numbers of people we would like to reach with your message to Slydial via an Excel spreadsheet. Once uploaded, you record a voicemail message and schedule the time for it to “drop” in the recipients’ voicemail.

This is the premium version and It costs around 10 cents per voicemail drop, meaning we can reach 100 people for around $10. They do offer a FREE version that does include listening to a short advertisement prior to you leaving the voicemail. Aside from the obvious ability to leave a voicemail for someone you wish to avoid speaking with this tool can work magic in your real estate business. Here are a few ways you can use Slydial in your business.

Steps to get started:

Download the slydial app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

Sign into your account or create a free one. Choose a contact to slydial or manually enter the phone number.

The app will connect you to our access number and then connect your call. Once you leave your personalized voicemail, simply hang up.

New Listing Tool

Instead of sending out 500 postcards to the neighbors try this. Next time you get a new listing in a neighborhood, you can notify the surrounding owners with a quick personalized voicemail. Here’s an example:

Hey, this is Jane Agent with your Realty. We just listed the house at 1234 main St. so we wanted to let all of the owners know so they’ll have the opportunity to choose their next neighbor before the house hits the open market in the next few days. Please give me a call or text me at … for more details.

This message provides valuable information for the owners in the neighborhood and shows them you are actively involved in their neighborhood. You can take this to a whole new level by provided follow up information by calling the same neighbors when the home goes pending by letting them know what it is selling for, how many offers you received and share with them how strong demand is and there are a lot of buyers who wanted to buy this home that are available to purchase their home if they are interested in selling. This is a great way to get a new listing every time you list a home.

Missing out on a multiple-offer listing

If your buyer missed out on a house that had multiple offers, this is a great opportunity to show your value to your buyer and uncover listing opportunities.

Let your buyer know that you completely understand that they are disappointed, and you are going to call all the homeowners in the neighborhood or area where the house they did not get is located to see if you can find them an off-market home.

Record a message like this to send to the neighborhood:

This is agent John with YOUR Realty. Not sure if you are aware, but your neighbor at 1234 Main St. put their house on the market two days ago, and it just went under contract after receiving multiple offers. I was the agent for a great buyers that did not win in the multiple-offer negotiations.

They really want to be in your great neighborhood, and I am doing my best to see if I can find them a home. If you’ve heard of any of your neighbors that have considered selling or if you have considered selling, I would greatly appreciate you giving me a call back at (your number) to learn more about these great buyers.

If you are like me you probably hate cold calling. This app takes away all the fear of rejection you have which is the wall between you and success. Not only does this marketing strategy save tons of time. It is hugely effective. Think about how long you would have to sit at your desk dialing for dollars the old way. You could spend hours just trying to actually reach one or two people. This way in a matter of minutes you can reach 100+ neighbors. When the call backs come in you will thank me for this.

With the basic slydial service, you can call 267-SLYDIAL and place unlimited advertising-supported calls through the app for free. With a Premium slydial subscription, you can enjoy rapid connection to voicemail without the ads, as well as expanded features.

As of today this is a snapshot of SlyDials premium services available. Again, I do not earn any commissions or work for the company I just think this will help many of you as it has helped me. In fact do not be surprised to get a voicemail from me asking you if you had a chance to see my recent Monday Morning Hustle article and what you thought.

Now for you Buffinites, that is those of you who are diehard Brian Buffini followers and have built in your pop-by, call strategy already there is a awesome next level call SlyBroadcast. You make one recording, one call and reach hundreds each month or as frequently as you like for a fixed monthly cost.

Some of the highlights of the SlyBroadcast as featured on their website:

  •  Send Unlimited Campaigns
  •  Create Unlimited Call Lists
  •  Record Unlimited Audio Recordings
  •  Zapier Integration
  •  API Access
  •  Phone and Email Support
  •  Our Guarantee

Starting at just $8.00 a month reaching 100 clients. Give it a try and message us when you get your next client from this tech tip.

Next up. We’ll dive into how you get all those phone numbers to use with SlyDial. Every owner name and phone number for any neighborhood. See you next Monday.