2019 Lake & Mendocino County, California Pumpkin Patches
December 28, 2019
Hosting a Virtual Open House
September 28, 2020


Small tasks that produce a high amount of ROI.
✔ Check-in with past clients and SOI

✔ Send handwritten notes

✔ Schedule virtual happy hours

✔ Update your mailing list

✔ Call to get updated emails addresses/ contact info

✔ Review your business plan

✔ Review your marketing plan

✔ Create an ‘About Me’ video

✔ Learn Google Adwords

✔ Contact your out-of-state clients

✔ Clean up your CRM

✔ Learn a new technology like BombBomb emails

✔ Adjust your prospecting scripts

✔ Create a drip-email campaign for e-leads

✔ Update your Facebook business page, including about sections

✔ Learn how to use Instagram Stories

✔ Add an ‘About Me’ video to yourLinkedIn profile

✔ Verify your business with Google

✔ Create a Facebook Group for your community

✔ Host LIVE Q&A sessions on Facebook Live

✔ Send virtual “Thinking of you gifts”

✔ Host a “What you need to know” webinar

✔ Update your buyer or listing presentation

✔ Create a self-promotional brochure

✔ Attend other virtual open houses

✔ Go for a walk